SafeGuard Press Release NHM June 2020



    Our World Has Changed, Your Address Doesn’t Have To.

    34% of Renters/Homeowners are Struggling to Pay for Housing-related Payments such as Rent or a Mortgage. SafeGuard Credit Counseling can help.

    Mooresville, NC (June 8, 2020) – June is National Homeownership Month (NHM), and for the past 21 years, NHM has been a recognized celebration in support of the attainment of the American Dream. This year, the COVID-19 pandemic created an unprecedented housing environment by challenging homeowners and renters to remain in their homes and socially distance themselves, while risking earning a paycheck. In fact, based on a recent nationwide survey, 34% of people are struggling to make rent and mortgage payments as a result of the pandemic.

    In the same survey, 74% of those who desire housing and/or financial education have never heard of housing counseling. With that knowledge, SafeGuard is observing NHM with the theme, “Our World Has Changed, Your Address Doesn’t Have To,” to ensure that anyone who desires housing education or is in need of housing assistance will be connected with a knowledgeable HUD Approved Housing Counselor who will provide information on:

    • Foreclosure/default prevention
    • Eviction prevention
    • Mortgage and rent payment deferrals
    • Other housing-related COVID-19 resources
    • First-time home buying
    • Renting assistance

    “The time to be proactive with your mortgage is now. The faster you get help when you start to fall behind, the more options you will have for the future.”

    SafeGuard Credit Counseling is a non-profit 501(c)(3) HUD Approved Housing Counseling Agency. We provide free unbiased advice on housing-related circumstances including foreclosure, default, renting, first-time home buying, and other housing situations. We also provide online home buyer education and bankruptcy courses. We serve those who not only desire housing and financial education but help those who have been financially impacted by the current pandemic.

    COVID-19 Housing Survey 2020

    To better understand the holistic impact the pandemic has on people across the US, the Let’s Make Home Happen Co-op conducted a nationwide online survey with 297 renters and 215 homeowners (N=512) among those most likely to use housing counseling education (Age: 18-44; HHI $25,000 – $75,000). The following are the results from the survey:

    • 53% agree/strongly agree that the COVID-19 pandemic has severely impacted their household finances
    • 34% o are struggling to pay for housing-related payments such as rent or a mortgage
    • 45% prioritize housing-related payments such as rent or a mortgage as the most significant financial commitment
    • Over 75% desire housing and/or financial-related education, services, & resources
    • 74% of those who desire housing and/or financial education have never heard of housing counseling

    SafeGuard wants to ensure that all people remain in their homes by guiding them through housing services to ensure their American Dream is kept. By visiting our local Mooresville, NC office or, all consumers– regardless of housing status, will be assisted to the best of our ability and resources.

    Contact: Katie Doig

    Phone: 800-673-6993 Ext 171
    Local Address: 132 Joe Knox Ave, Suite 104, Mooresville, 28117

    Email: [email protected]