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Credit Counseling

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As a way to assist consumers in paying off their debts, generally in a fraction of the time and cost it would take if paying on their own, SafeGuard offers its’ Debt Management Program (DMP).

After a thorough review of your information provided during the FREE debt analysis counseling session your creditor may recommend our Debt Management Program. On a DMP we will work with your creditors to possibly:

  • Reduce or eliminate your interest
  • Waive Late or Over the Limit fees
  • Lower your payments
  • Consolidate your debt into one simple and affordable payment
  • Get you out of Debt in 5 years or less!!

All of the specific benefits of a DMP to you will be explained to you clearly by your counselor after the FREE budget and debt analysis. Your counselor will also be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have during this time.

The DMP simplifies the process of paying your bills. One monthly payment is sent to us and we disperse the appropriate amounts to your creditors. You will continue to receive your creditor statements in the mail, so you can monitor all of your accounts. After a little while, you will notice on the statements that your balances are going down!!

SafeGuard provides ongoing Education and Counseling services while you are enrolled on our Debt Management Plan. We also have a tremendous Client Service Department which will provide courteous and prompt service to you when handling your accounts and payments.

SafeGuard’s DMP is only offered if it is the RIGHT solution for you!!

Please call 1-800-673-6993 and press option 2
to speak with one of our Counselors who will assist you
in determining the right options for you today.


Agency’s Debt Management License number in the State of Maryland is: 14-52

The Commissioner of Financial Regulation for the State of Maryland will accept questions and complaints from Maryland residents regarding SafeGuard Credit Counseling Services, Inc., License number 14-52,  at 500 N. Calvert St., Suite 402, Baltimore, MD 21202. Phone: 1-888-784-0136.